Cardi B Doesn’t Want Any Talk About Her Money In Upcoming Assault Civil Trial, Asks Court to Exclude Her Net Worth

Cardi B is currently facing a civil trial over an alleged assault and is making efforts to ensure that her financial status, including her net worth, is not brought up during the proceedings. The rapper has been sued by a female security guard, Emani Ellis, who claims Cardi assaulted her in 2018.

Cardi B.
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Ellis, who was working at a medical building as a security guard at the time, alleges that she asked Cardi for a photo, which Cardi declined. According to Ellis, Cardi then attacked her, striking her in the head, face, and body. Ellis also claims that Cardi spat on her and used racial slurs.

According to Ellis’ lawsuit, Cardi used “multiple profanities and racial slurs against [Ellis] who is African American,” Radar reported.

Cardi, however, denies all allegations and has requested that any talk of her past altercations, including the one with Nicki Minaj, be banned from the trial. She argues that such incidents are unrelated to the case at hand.

Cardi stated that any testimony pertaining to other alleged acts, “which occurred at different times and places and involved other people and circumstances should be excluded because, by law, such evidence cannot show that Defendant acted similarly on this single occasion with Plaintiff.”

The rapper’s lawyer stressed, “What may have happened between Defendant and others at different times and locations and under other circumstances has nothing whatsoever to do with the single 60-90 second incident alleged by Plaintiff on February 24, 2018.”

Furthermore, Cardi has asked the court to exclude any discussion of her financial condition unless punitive damages are being considered. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Cardi’s fortune is estimated at $80 million.

The trial is scheduled to begin on Feb. 1 in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Background of the Alleged Assault

The alleged assault took place in 2018 when Cardi B was four months pregnant with her daughter, Kulture. Ellis says she approached Cardi with a phone, to take a picture of the rapper. Cardi asked her to stop, not wanting images of herself at the doctor’s office to be circulated before she had publicly revealed her pregnancy, a source told TMZ.

An argument ensued, and Ellis claimed that Cardi assaulted her, spat on her, and used racial slurs. But witnesses offered a different account, stating that while the two did argue, the altercation did not turn physical, and no racial slurs were used.

Ellis also alleged that Cardi used her celebrity status to have her fired from her job. A representative for the medical building explained that Ellis’ termination was based on recommendations from Cardi’s doctor and a patient coordinator, who believed that Ellis had violated Cardi’s privacy.

Ellis is demanding unspecified damages from Cardi, who has denied all allegations of wrongdoing.

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