Ja Rule Claims He’s Inked a Lucrative $100M Record Label Deal

Ja Rule is gearing up for a spectacular 2024. Following the surprise announcement of his upcoming album, Ja Rule made a special appearance on X/Twitter to reveal that he has inked a lucrative new record label agreement that he claims has the potential to generate a staggering $100 million.

ATLANTA, GA – OCTOBER 09: Ja Rule backstage during 2022 ONE MusicFest at Central Park on October 9, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia.(Photo by Prince Williams/FilmMagic)

Celebrating his 25th anniversary with Murder Inc. and the release of his 1999 debut album, “Venni Vetti Vecci,” Ja Rule hinted at being in album mode. The suggestion could mean Ja Rule is dedicating time to craft a high-quality project.

New Deal, New Album

“In full Album mode… #CWWTST,” he wrote, seemingly teasing an abbreviation for the album title. It is worth nothing that he previously used the hashtag in October, when he wrote: “I’m cooking up a CLASSIC…. #CWWTST [wave emoji].”

However, not everyone welcomed Ja Rule’s comeback, as some took it upon themselves to troll or bring negativity to the otherwise joyous occasion.

Ja Rule has faced ridicule in recent years, primarily stemming from his association with the notorious Fyre Festival disaster in 2017. Additionally, his ongoing feud with fellow rapper 50 Cent has garnered negative reception from fans.

However, the rapper is telling his haters to get prepare for his comeback that he stated is on Jan. 4 on Twitter/X that, “Just signed my new label deal, potentially worth a hundred mill… [Let’s f**king go!!!].”

“Thanks for the love, and to the haters, [suck my d**k]. Here’s what’s needed to be understood for 24. HATE is for suckers and d**k riding is NOT a form of transportation. Lmao, it’s getting you nowhere… Stop being goofy and get money!!! That’s what Ja thinks,” Ja Rule posted.

Ja Rule has not released an album since his 2004 “R.U.L.E.,” which featured hits like “New York” with Fat Joe and Jadakiss, as well as “Wonderful” with R. Kelly and Ashanti.

Ja Rule is set to commence his Sunrise Tour in the United Kingdom on March 1.

As Finurah previously reported, Ja Rule, who has an estimated net worth of $4 million, was floating the possibility of selling his musical catalog, including his released six studio albums that have been certified platinum or higher by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Ja Rule has also collaborated with a number of other artists, including Ashanti, Jennifer Lopez and even 50 Cent.

During the 2020s, artists selling their music catalogs have been part of a growing trend where they are looking to relinquish the rights to their creative work, with some wanting the money now and upfront rather than spread out over the years.

it is unclear whether or not Ja Rule music today would generate $100 million in sales, but head of Murder Inc. Irv Gotti said he sold off some the company’s masters for $300 million, this included some unnamed songs by Ja Rule.

Ja Rule has also in the past acknowledges that there is a challenge in the music industry regarding streaming profitability.

“So it’s kinda weird, but what’s happening now is right now we get less than a fraction of a cent for a stream, but that number is going up. It’s going up to about 15 percent. So with that happening, I think a lot of these companies are realizing the money that’s out there,” said Ja.

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