Will Beyoncé’s New Hair Care Venture Finally Get Her Over the Billionaire Mark?

There’s no argument that Beyoncé’s has top tier singing prowess, but her business ventures have not had sustained success. Following her failed clothing line partnership with Adidas, she’s trying another route — the booming hair care market. Will her new venture put Bey, who has an estimated net worth of $800 million, in the billionaire hip-hop stratosphere with her husband Jay-Z, Rihanna, or Dr. Dre?

Photo via Instagram, @beyonce

The 42-year-old has taken to Instagram to officially reveal to the world her new hair care line by dropping a trailer.

The Teaser

The artsy video begins with a television screen draped in a veil, flickering to the opening scenes that resemble Destiny’s Child’s “Bills, Bills, Bills” video. That’s because it is from the 1990s hot spot Headliners Hair Salon, the shop that the singer’s mom used to own and the group rehearsed out of when they were just starting.

It seamlessly transitions to various scenes of Black women having their hair styled, including a shot of the “Halo” singer’s head resting in the cup of a wash sink, an image that women of all ages, creeds, and colors recognize.

Finally, the video concludes with a touching moment featuring the artist as a little girl standing alongside her mom, Tina Knowles-Lawson, a former hairstylist. The two are both smiling and waving, evoking a sense of nostalgia and celebration of Black beauty and culture.

The caption said, “Hair is sacred. The journey begins Feb 20. Visit CECRED.COM,” a simple call to action to the BeyHive to break the internet and buy out her merchandise within the first hour.

In another clip, posted on Cécred’s Instagram, Beyoncé is also heard at the start of the clip giving a tribute to her 70-year-old mom.

“Obviously, I grew up in my mother’s hair salon. Welcome along my hair journey,” she says.

“The rumors are true. Cécred is coming. Mark your calendars 2.20.24,” read the caption. 

Her fans actually picked up on the line’s debut when curious BeyHivers caught a glimpse of the bottles in a trailer for the movie, “Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé.”

During a scene where Ms. Tina is doing Blue Ivy’s hair, the camera subtly showcases a few strategically positioned bottles of hair products. The logo on these bottles reads “Cécred,” a play on the singer’s name and the word “sacred.”

After one person posted a screenshot, others chimed in, confirming they also spotted this delightful detail, highlighting the attention to detail and creative branding within the video.

Inside the Venture

According to public documents, the application for a trademark for the new brand was filed on June 16, 2022, by attorney Kelly Phair McCarth.

Cécred will offer far more than quality hair products but will offer a diverse range of products, including electric hairstyling tools, hair brushes, combs, accessories, hair jewelry, silk scarves, bonnets, turbans, and more.

Additionally, the brand will expand into the beauty and cosmetic realm, with trademark applications submitted for an array of innovative items. These include micro-needle dermal rollers, therapy scraping apparatus, scalp and hair cosmetic treatment lasers, candles, jewelry boxes, pillowcases, bed sheets, towels, versatile carrying bags, cosmetic cases, and a variety of other items.

Before she filed, the star told fans what was to come in May 2023.

“How many of y’all knew my first job was sweeping hair in my mama’s salon? Destiny’s Child got our start by performing for clients while they were getting their hair done,” she said.

“I was exposed to so many different kinds of entrepreneurial women in her salon. I saw firsthand how the ways we nurture and celebrate hair can directly impact our souls,” Beyoncé continued. “I watched her heal and be of service to so many women. Having learned so much on my hair journey, I’ve always dreamed of carrying on her legacy.”

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