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TikToker Reesa Teesa’s Infamous Ex-Husband Speaks Out Against Her ‘Who TF Did I Marry?!?’ Claims and Explains Why He Didn’t Buy Her a BMW: ‘You Gotta Learn the Value of a Buck’

The man at the center of the “Who TF Did I Marry?!?” saga is now speaking out again about some of the allegations his ex-wife leveled about her in her 50-episode TikTok videos.

Reesa Teesa, Who tf Did I Marry
Reesa Tessa, photo via TikTok, @ReesaTessa/”Legion,” photo via YouTube, EVERYDAY PJ

Legion Talks on “Who TF Did I Marry?!?”

Jerome “Legion” McCoy took to TikTok last month to ask people not to believe Tareasa Johnson, aka Reesa Teesa. He said that the two went to marriage counseling and it did not work and asked her to stop lying.

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“My message to her is please stop lying to these people, and you can tell them the real reason I left you: You cheated,” he said on his TikTok page. “I caught you in the house with Bradley. We went through marriage counseling, it didn’t work, and we broke up.”

McCoy also appeared on the March 2 episode of the “Simply Wavy” podcast and said that Reesa Teesa actually wanted to live a more expensive life than he was prepared to offer her. One of the issues he addressed was the luxury car that she said she wanted.

He explained to the hosts that he wanted to purchase a new car for her, moving her out of a Nissan.

McCoy claims he told her that she “could live well” but they did not have to go broke spending all of their money.

He said he did not buy her a dark blue BMW X5 with a cognac interior because he wanted to prove a point. His wife needed to work to have such an extravagant gift.

“I’m not just going to give you an $80,000 car ’cause I’m your husband, and you deserve it,” McCoy explained he said to her.

“You gotta learn the value of a buck,” he continued. “We can’t just go out here all the time. You gotta understand the value of something, and you don’t wanna work for it. So help me help you.”

According to the now-infamous ex, Reesa Teesa told hours of lies in the videos.

One thing that she said in her videos that particularly irked him was how she talked about how he negotiated a house.

“I wasn’t going to pay for it in cash,” he said. “I was gonna go ahead and get a loan and finance the house. I wasn’t about to go spend $750,000 on a $600,500 [home]. No on that. No.”

“Honestly,” he continued, “I told her before the budget for finding a house, we don’t need to be over 340 [$340k]. She started looking at houses that high.” He added that his ex-wife did not have good credit due to her student loans and he was concerned about that.

He also shared that he was more invested in cleaning up his finances and reducing his debt, than getting a new house.

However, he did admit to one thing that his former wife said. He said he did hide money from her.

The Cut discovered other things that were true, including Clayton County’s legal records that seem to back up some of Johnson’s claims about McCoy.

One record reveals that a person named Tareasa Michele McCoy filed for divorce from Jerome McCoy in June 2021. Other records indicate that Jerome McCoy filed for divorce from a woman named LaToya Averett in 2017.

Additionally, the county’s criminal records showed that a Jerome McCoy, born in 1978, was arrested once in 2015 for impersonating a police officer and again in 2016 for criminal trespassing.

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