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‘Like What’: Cardi B Boasts ‘I Make a Lot of Money,’ Implies Net Worth Surpasses $80 Million

Cardi B doesn’t hold back when it comes to showcasing her wealth.

During an interview with Speedy Morman for his show “360 With Speedy,” the “Like What” rapper was questioned about her reported net worth of $80 million. In response, she confidently stated, “I’ve made a substantial amount of money.”

Cardi B
Photo YouTube screenshot, Complex

Cardi Getting the Bag

She elaborated further, expressing, “I feel like I’ve surpassed the $80 million mark. I earn a significant income. I mean, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot of money.”

Cardi B also discussed where a portion of her earnings goes, mentioning her financial responsibilities, including supporting her family and assisting friends.

In his recent episode of the popular podcast on March 15, the sit-down interview reveals that Cardi B’s purported net worth has been lowballed.

She did not mention the exact amount representing her current net worth, but she suggested to Speedy Morman that she is worth more than $80 million.

The Bronx rapper said, “But also, I got a lot, a lot of bills. I’m taking care of [family]. I’m helping a lot — I’m not going to say I take care, I’m helping a lot, and I help a lot of my friends and I help a lot of my family and everything.”

Her earnings stem from her music, endorsements, live appearances, and business ventures, all of which have been successful since her big debut in 2015 on reality TV centered around hip-hop, “Love and Hip Hop New York.” 

Comparatively, Cardi B is richer than her ex-husband Offset by $52 million, and some outlets purport that his estimated net worth is $28 million.

Diversified Income Streams

Cardi B’s endorsement deals include collaborations with brands such as Pepsi, McDonald’s, Amazon, Balenciaga, Beats By Dre, Fashion Nova, as well as her own line of Reebok sneakers.

In 2021 she partnered with Starco Brands for Whipshots, a first-of-its-kind alcoholic whipped cream in a can. By 2023, the vodka-infused whipped cream had sold more than 2 million cans and expanded into new markets. According to Billboard, the small 50-milliliter can is priced at $5.99, while the larger 200-milliliter can is $14.99.

Her music, which is at the center of her brand, remains a major money maker.

Cardi B’s earning per show ranges from $450,000 to $700,000, with some instances where she has been paid over $1 million for a single performance, according to The Thing. 

Cardi B told The New York Times that she was making as much as $800,000 per show.

“I went from $20,000 a show, and then after ‘Bodak Yellow,’ I went to 100. And then, like two, three months later, I went to 200, 300, 400, 500. Then in 2018, I was getting booked for like $700,000, $800,000. And then I went to millions. I haven’t put out an album in five years, and the numbers just keep going up,” Cardi B told the Times.

Cardi B rose to fame after gaining a substantial online following following her appearances on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: New York,” where during her second (and last) season in 2016, commanding to be paid anywhere between $200,000 and $300,000 per season onward, Stylecaster reported.

She released her first mixtape, “Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol. 1,” in March 2016, and signed with Atlantic Records in February 2017. Her debut single for Atlantic, “Bodak Yellow,” topped the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, making her the first female rapper to do so with a solo song since Lauryn Hill in 1998, according to NPR. 

Her debut album, “Invasion of Privacy,” was the best-selling female rap album of the 2010s and the most streamed female rap album on Spotify, Vibe Magazine reported. 

“Girls Like You,” a collaboration, was one of the best-selling singles worldwide in 2018. She won her first Grammy Award for Best Rap Album for “Invasion Of Privacy” at the 61st Grammy Awards.

Cardi B is set to debut her sophomore album later in 2024.

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