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How’ Ernie Hudson’s First Hollywood Check for $10K Turned Out to Be Worth Just $370

As veteran actor Ernie Hudson gears up for the release of “Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire,” he recently recalled a time before starring in blockbuster films when his earnings were scant. 

Photo via Instagram, @erniehudson

“[My] first big check was $10,000 for one day’s work,” Hudson said in a recent interview with The Root’s “That’s So Random” podcast.

Hudson was so excited to earn a real check but he had no idea of how much he would really receive. As it turns out, after paying his agent, manager, publicist and business manager, Hudson was left with $370. 

“I didn’t do a whole lot with it,” he said. “It wasn’t even enough to pay rent.” 

Today, Hudson is a fixture in the “Ghostbusters” franchise and is worth an estimated $5 million. Hudson began his career as an actor in theater productions in Minnesota, landing the lead role in the play “The Great White Hope” in 1975. After pursuing an MFA at Yale School of Drama, Hudson left after one year to pursue his acting career. His first film was the Gordon Parks-produced “Leadbelly” in 1976. He went on to play roles in ten other movies before hitting it big in 1984 with “Ghostbusters.” Hudson played Winston Zeddemore, a role he has reprised four times.

Throughout his career, the 78-year-old Hudson has played prominent roles in television series such as “Oz” and “Modern Family,” and “Family Business.” His memorable roles in movies include “The Hand that Rocks the Cradle” and “Basketball Diaries” and “Miss Congeniality.” 

A Look to the Future And Not Aging 

Much has changed since Hudson first took the stage to portray boxing legend Jack Johnson in “The Great White Hope” and even when he got his first big break with “Ghostbusters.” 

Recently Hudson was the talk of social media as fans gushed over his youthfulness. 

“I am GENUINELY confused…Ernie is two years shy of 80?!?! What in the Twilight Vampire … is going on?????” one commenter exclaimed on Hudson’s post.

While another commented, “Ernie Hudson doesn’t age. How can he look better than he did in the 80’s?!” 

Even with aging, Hudson is not afraid of technology associated with digital recreation, an idea he shared during his “That’s So Random” interview.

“If I’m dead, sure. Use a digital recreation of my face. And if I’m alive but looking like I’m dead, use a digital recreation,” Hudson shared. “Technology is moving forward so fast, and whether we like it or not, I think that’s probably what the future is going to be. And I’m sure I’ll be acting long after I’m gone.” 

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