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Legal Woes Mount for Disgraced Bad Boy Billionaire: Diddy Faces $200,000 Lawsuit Over Unpaid Art Project Amidst Ongoing Troubles

Legal woes are mounting against disgraced Bad Boy billionaire Sean Combs after he settled a lawsuit brought by ex-girlfriend Cassie that made allegations of sexual abuse and drug trafficking in November 2023. The latest lawsuit, however, involves a purported unpaid art project.

Sean “Diddy” Combs

Why Diddy is Named in Suit

Filed on April 9 in New York, Diddy is reportedly facing a $200,000 federal lawsuit along with Phantom Labs, Inc. and tour manager Matthew Lupton, filed by event design group Raven Production Management Group, LLC, Radar reported.

According to a PACER blog, while details about the lawsuit are minimal, it is apparent that the case filed against Diddy, Phantom Labs, Inc., and Lupton involves diverse parties. Additionally, it seems that Raven is being represented by Thomas Eisweirth of Eisweirth Law in Austin, Texas.

The lawsuit centers around a red gauzy cube art installation in August 2023 that Raven was hired to create and install for an art project to be included in a music event associated with Diddy, which was ultimately canceled.

Raven claims that Phantom Labs and Lupton provided misleading information about their connections with Diddy. The exact wording, provided by JasmineBrand, “misrepresented their contractual relationship with Diddy and their financial arrangements,” and they failed to pay Raven for their work after Diddy halted the project, Meaww reported.

Raven has filed a lawsuit claiming that they were not compensated for the material costs despite the assurance of payment, resulting in damages amounting to at least $200,000. The lawsuit demands the defendants to pay damages, along with costs, expenses, and attorney fees. It also requests a jury trial.

“Despite assurances from PHNTM that it would pay Raven for costs incurred once it received funds from Diddy, it never did. On Sept. 8, 2023, Raven sent PHNTM an invoice for $96,732.00 for its material costs but received no payment,” the claim stated, according to Radar.

Raven also claims to have evidence, a document of some kind from PHNTM’s CEO Gabriel Fraboni acknowledging the art studio has yet to be paid in November 2023, with Gabriel saying, “to apologize for lack of payment and proposed a biweekly payment plan of $18,000.00 to resolve the issue,” but the suit says “PHNTM failed to make any payments under the plan.”

There seems to be a new legal action against Diddy every week. While those are still in play, we do know the government has launched its investigation against him over allegations of sex trafficking.

As Finurah previously reported, on March 25, federal agents from the Department of Homeland Security (HSI) raided Diddy’s homes in Los Angeles and Miami.

The raids were part of an ongoing federal investigation, potentially related to allegations of sexual assault and sex trafficking against Diddy.

Diddy’s attorney described the raids as a “gross overuse of military-level force” and said Diddy was never detained or had his ability to travel restricted, according to Fox Los Angeles.

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