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Halle Berry’s Pricey Retreat: Inside Her Luxurious Family Getaway In Mexico

Halle Berry recently escaped to paradise during a lavish family vacation in Mexico, enjoying a luxurious retreat at the exclusive Nobu Residences in Baja California Sur. The actress, alongside her boyfriend and family, indulged in a rejuvenating experience filled with sun, sand, and unforgettable moments, judging from photos she posted to her Instagram account.

Halle Berry, photo via Instagram @halleberry

“Cabo owes me absolutely nothing! This is exactly how I spent the last few days at the new Nobu Residences,” Berry captioned her Instagram photos of herself lounging in a cabana.

At the stunning Nobu Residences, nestled in Cabo San Lucas, Berry, 57, basked in luxury, soaking up the Mexican sun while relishing some family time.

Not A Cheap Getaway

Nobu Residences, just across from the ritzy Nobu Hotel Los Cabos, is composed of 60 exclusive residences. The rates range in price from $891 to $6,344 a night, depending on the time of year.

Photo via Instagram, @halleberry

In her Instagram posts, Berry gushed over the Nobu Residences, highlighting the private and spacious accommodations that catered seamlessly to her family’s needs.

“It was the perfect long-term private stay for my whole family,” she added. “I enjoyed kicking up my feet, soaking up the sun and just being in the moment. Sometimes it feels good to just BE! Thank you @nobuloscabos… it was divine!” The “Catwoman” actress wrote on another social media post.

Photo via Instagram, @halleberry

Accompanied by her 54-year-old musician boyfriend, Van Hunt, Berry embarked on exhilarating adventures, including ATV rides through the picturesque landscapes of Baja California Sur and horseback riding along the seemingly endless beach. The actress reveled in intimate dining experiences curated by acclaimed chefs from Nobu.

Photo via Instagram, @halleberry

Glancing at the photos, it appeared that at least one of her children, 10-year-old Maceo-Robert Martinez (whom she had with actor ex-husband Olivier Martinez) made the trip. Berry is also the mother of 16-year-old daughter, Nahla Ariela Aubry, (whom she had with former partner model Gabriel Aubry).

Photo via Instagram, @halleberry

“The recipe to a girl’s happy dance is an AMAZING meal,” Berry gushed on Instagram, along with a video of her VIP dinner.

Berry, whose net worth is an estimated $90 million, has now returned to her bustling schedule, including promotional events for her upcoming film “Never Let Go,” for which the Oscar winner said she “had to learn how to skin a squirrel” and “eat raw frogs,” according to the Daily Mail. The Alexandre Aja thriller hits theaters Sept. 27. Berry was executive producer of the project.

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  1. Lisa Groves says:

    Aww Halle Berry still is an extremely beautiful Queen. I truly respect and love her for being such a strong woman. May God continue to bless her family and her ❤️

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