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50 Cent Adds Fuel to Rumors of Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s Alleged Detainment In Dubai Over Financial Troubles

Rumors surrounding Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s location and alleged detainment in Dubai, sparked by fellow boxer Gervonta “Tank” Davis, are intensifying. Now 50 Cent is adding fuel to the fire, suggesting that the undefeated boxer is really trapped in the United Arab Emirates because he owes money to the wrong people.

(Photo from Instagram, @floydmayweather)

As a hip-hop mogul and former business collaborator of Mayweather, 50 Cent never shies away from controversy. Now he is weighing in on Mayweather’s rumored troubles in paradise.

The Queens, New York, rapper reposted Davis’ tweets on his Instagram, where Davis alleges Mayweather, who reportedly has a net worth in excess of $400 million, owes money and is not allowed to leave Dubai.

Where is Mayweather?

While there has been no official word from Mayweather’s camp, what we do know is that the frequent social media user has not posted to his Instagram in six days.

Amidst the mockery, 50 Cent surprisingly extended a helping hand, offering financial assistance to Mayweather. In a statement, he said, “Me and Champ may have our differences, but he’s still my brother. I’ve got some money if he needs it!” 

However, fans remained skeptical of 50 Cent’s sincerity, given his past feuds with Mayweather. 

The beef between Mayweather and Davis seems to stem from a combination of professional and personal factors.

Professionally, there have been reported tensions regarding management and promotional issues. Mayweather, who is Davis’ promoter, has publicly criticized Davis for various reasons, including his training habits and discipline outside of the ring. Davis, on the other hand, has expressed frustration at times with the handling of his career and the opportunities provided to him.

Additionally, there have been instances where Davis has expressed a desire for more independence and control over his career.

On a personal level, there have been public spats and social media exchanges between the two.

Mayweather, a semi-retired professional boxer and promoter has built his wealth — which he often flaunts — from his lucrative business ventures, his reign as an undefeated boxer, and investments outside the ring.

His career earnings total approximately $1.1 billion, supported by an investment portfolio exceeding $100 million, according to Sporting News.

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