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Mary J. Blige’s $1,295 Over-the-Knee Boots Sell Out In a Day Despite Mixed Reactions from Fans

Despite some fans complaining about the launch of Mary J. Blige’s over-the-knee boot, The Mary Boot, which debuted on May 13 in collaboration with Italian fashion house Giuseppe Zanotti, sold out within a day — even though fans were initially stunned by the price tag.

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The mixed reaction sparked conversations of outrage and rationality, with some fans saying the boots are overpriced while others claimed they are well worth the price given the circumstances.

These Boots Are Made For Slaying

The limited-edition boots, available in a polished rose gold sheen with a scrunched look, pointed toe, and a block heel, retail for $1,295 at, according to Us Weekly.

In a TikTok video unveiling shows the golden boots standing tall as Blige sits down. The official announcement of the boot was made when Blige wore them on stage at one of her shows, the Strength of a Woman Festival and Summit in New York City.

The third annual Strength of a Woman Festival and Summit, was held over Mother’s Day weekend at Barclays Center, featuring performances by Jill Scott, 50 Cent, Jadakiss, Fat Joe, Lola Brooke, and Honey Bxby, with legendary radio personality Angie Martinez serving as host and Funkmaster Flex serving as one of several DJs providing entertainment before and in-between performances, Rolling Out reported.

During her appearance at the event, Blige wore the boots, and announced that finally she was dropping a signature boot. Blige has long been known for her boot game. But many fans were quickly turned off when they noticed the $1,300 price tags, judging from the online reaction.

“I think y’all vastly overestimate the number of people who are out here buying – or even considering – $1200 boots. Yes, the boots will sell out, but it is still alienating the majority of her main demographic. That’s all folks are saying,” noted Knuck If You Brunch on Twitter.

X user slick nick joked the high price of the boots was because Blige is still paying off her alimony, tweeting, “Mary J. Blige still dealing with that evil ex-husband of hers that either had or still has her paying alimony & y’all want us to be mad at auntie for getting her coin with them boots?!”

Blige’s has said the boots are high quality similar to those she has worn at high-profile events like the Met Gala, and the limited quantity makes them more of a collectible than a practical pair of boots.

It is not yet known how many boots were produced, how many people bought them, or how much they are going to be worth in the resale market. However, considering other high-fashion Giuseppe Zanotti items having high interest and exceeding $5,000, the Mary Boot could very well be a worthy investment for those who bought it.

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