Michael Jordan Enters His $8 Million Yacht In $7.5 Million Prize Fishing Tournament

Whether on the basketball court or closing business deals, Michael Jordan has never shied away from competition. Now the retired NBA championship winner has entered one of his yachts to participate in a prestigious fishing tournament. 

08 May 2022, US, Miami: Motorsport: Formula 1 World Championship, Miami Grand Prix, race: Basketball superstar Michael Jordan in the Mercedes box. Photo: Hasan Bratic/dpa (Photo by Hasan Bratic/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Jordan’s yacht, known as Catch 23, has been entered into the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament. The event began on June 10, and wraps up on June 16 with an awards brunch. The tournament has operated for 64 years and is known as the “Super Bowl of Fishing.” To enter, registration fees range from $1,000 to $20,000. The grand prize for the event is $7.5 million. 

Jordan and Catch 23 participated in the 2020 tournament. Traveling to Morehead City, North Carolina, Jordan raised money for several local charities. Although Jordan is not participating in this year’s event, Catch 23 and Sea Jumper LLC are present. 

A Look At Catch 23 

In 2019 Jordan purchased a Bayliss fishing yacht. While the actual purchase price is unclear, reports reveal it is in the range of $8 to $15 million. He wrapped the sides of the boat with elephant print and named it Catch 23, an ode to his NBA number. 

Catch-23 (Photo: SuperYachtFan.com, https://www.superyachtfan.com/yacht/catch-23/)

The luxury motorboat was produced by Viking Yachts. The 80-foot boat includes a top speed of 40 knots with a range of more than 500 nautical miles. Accommodating up to eight guests and two crew members, the yacht features relaxing furniture, a high-end entertainment system and other luxury finishes. 

A Part of Jordan’s Fleet 

This is not the only boat owned by Jordan, who is worth a reported $3 billion. The retired NBA player and team owner has two other yachts as well. 

Jordan’s first yacht, Joy, is worth an estimated $80 million and can accommodate 12 passengers and a crew of 19. Jordan purchased the yacht in 2019. It includes five decks and an owner’s pavilion providing a 270-degree ocean view. There’s an expansive master suite and eight cabins that also overlook the ocean. There are also several spa rooms complete with an indoor jacuzzi and sauna for guests. Finally, a gym and indoor basketball court are on the yacht as well. 

Mr. Terrible is Jordan’s second yacht. Valued at $21 million, Mr. Terrible is 154 feet long. With an indoor bar along with indoor and outdoor dining options, the yacht’s purpose is to provide relaxation.

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