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Finurah Funding Friday: Businesses, Look Local For Grants. Here Are Regional Grants to Consider.

Corporate grants often come with significant financial rewards and national promotional opportunities for entrepreneurs. However, entrepreneurs should also be aware of local grants–those offered within their state and local areas–for support.

Business improvement districts, regional chapters of business organizations, and other associations invest in their local business ecosystem. They understand that by providing technical support, consulting services, and funding opportunities, they can create strong relationships with businesses while promoting their organizations. And for companies, this is an opportunity to forge relationships with organizations and the greater community. 

In this week’s Finurah Funding Friday, we highlight local grant opportunities throughout the United States. 

Red Letter Grant 

Are you a woman residing in western Wisconsin interested in establishing a new business? The Red Letter Grant accepts applications to women entrepreneurs in the startup phase and existing businesses in western Wisconsin. Grants of $2,000 are available, and more information can be found here. Apply by April 25. 

New Ventures Maine – Mini Marketing Grants 

New Ventures Maine is dedicated to empowering its residents through career and entrepreneurial development. The organization’s mini-marketing grant program supports microbusinesses in developing marketing resources and tools. Microbusinesses can receive up to $1,000. Learn more here. Apply by May 6. 

Kalamazoo Small Business Grants 

Businesses located in Kalamazoo, MI, are eligible to receive a $5000 grant. Black and woman-owned businesses are especially encouraged to apply. To be eligible, companies must be located within Kalamazoo, have less than ten employees, operate for at least one year, and possess annual revenue of less than $1 million. In addition, businesses should not have received Kalamazoo Micro-Enterprise Grants in 2021. Readers can find more information here. Apply by May 13. 

Business Growth Advantage Program, Charles County, MD

Businesses located within Charles County, MD, are eligible to participate in an 8-week program and receive funding up to $10,000. Businesses must be in operation for at least two years and have annual revenues of $50,000. Learn more about the Business Growth Advantage Program here. Applications are due by May 19. 

Innovate Mass Clean Energy Grant 

Clean energy companies presenting new, innovative technologies can apply for the Innovate Mass Clean Energy Grant. InnovateMass provides strategic support to technology companies falling into the funding gap for businesses transitioning from startups to later-stage companies. Participants will access third-party project management and technical support to garner project success. In addition, companies will have access to grants up to $250,000. More information can be found here. Applications are due June 1. 

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