Finurah Funding Friday: How Storytelling Can Help Your Pitches Plus Grants From Pure Leaf and Others.

Storytelling is not just for children, but it’s for businesses, too. For entrepreneurs seeking funding, storytelling is essential to position your brand against the competition. The power of storytelling is vital to sharing your uniqueness. Here are some tips on adding vivid storytelling to your grant and pitch competition applications: 

  • Focus on your target audience. What do they need from you? Why should they use your business? 
  • Choose an attention-grabbing story that shows how your team is innovative. 
  • Share the “soft side” of you, the founder. Often, we focus on the nuts and bolts of our business. Use this as an opportunity to share your journey and passion.  

In this week’s edition of Finurah Funding Friday, we share pitch opportunities, accelerators, and grant programs that need to understand your business needs and even more remarkable – your business story. 

The United Justice Coalition

SeedInvest Pitch Competition 

Tech startups always need financial support and mentorship. The SeedInvest Pitch Competition provides access to funding and business development assistance to startups run by Black founders and other underrepresented groups. Eligibility requirements include legal registration or incorporation within the United States, having a minimum viable product currently in the market, legal representation, and full-time employees – excluding founders. The competition’s first place winner will receive $25,000; second place, $10,000; and third place, $5,000. Visit for more information. Apply by May 20. 

National Black Business Pitch Competition 

Black-owned businesses seeking partnerships and collaborative opportunities with corporations should apply to the National Black Business Pitch Competition. The mission of the pitch competition is to provide access to long-term contracts leading to business sustainability. Applicants will go through three rounds of the competition, with the winner receiving $10,000. More information can be found here. Apply by May 23.  

Plaid Accelerate 

Business startups within the fintech industry desiring support should apply to the Plaid Accelerate. This accelerator brings together Black and brown founders in a five-month program. The accelerator is customized to meet entrepreneurial needs while providing hands-on assistance and community support. More information is here. Apply by May 31. 

Pure Leaf “No” Grants 

Women consistently need to create a positive work/life balance to be effective in their professional and personal lives. Pure Leaf and SeekHer Foundation have partnered to launch the “No” grant fund. Grant recipients will receive $2,000 and access to various resources available through SeekHer’s Community Care Program. More information can be found here. Applications are due by May 31. 

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