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Your Two Cents: Husband Sparks Debate After Wife Secretly Takes $17K from Joint Account to Lend to Brother

A debate was sparked when Angela Yee of the popular morning radio show “The Breakfast Club” took a call from a man who complained that his wife took $17,000 out of their bank account to give to her brother. Problem is she never asked the husband.


Yee posted the conversation on Instagram on Sept. 8. Many commented online, taking sides. Most said the husband was right to be upset and that the wife’s actions were wrong. 

According to Yee in the comments, “Just for clarity: they’ve been together 25 years (married for 21) and never had any issues like this before. They have no other problems in their relationship and I agreed with him that she was completely in the wrong.”

She continued, “He also hasn’t even found out why she did this or what the repayment plan is. They both contribute to the account but she should never have done that. He is not going to leave her over this but they do need a path forward so it never happens again.”

Listener gbtv_nyc commented, “This is something that she should’ve discussed with him 1st being they both build this money up together. She is definitely wrong, I guess at this moment family definitely came 1st. I’m curious to know what the 17k is for and why the brother needed it so badly.”

Others agreed. “17k is a lot of money to just be lending out to someone’s family or not. She should have definitely consulted him first just off of principle,” commented lorettasonly.

Some noted that spouses should have separate bank accounts along with a joint account. “That’s why there should be 3accounts yours, mines and ours,” remarked chillidog316. 

“It’s important to have a joint account and separate… after this… no more joint,” alienblackgirl_ weighed in.

Financial experts say having separate accounts and one joint account to pay household bills is the best option.

“I would never, ever have just one joint account, and that’s it. Never, ever, ever,” personal finance expert Suze Orman told NextAdvisor.

“In terms of joint bank accounts, I never recommend that everything be combined,” Tori Dunlap, founder of the financial education business Her First $100K, told NextAdvisor. “You need your money, and you don’t want to think that money is the reason you’re staying in a relationship. It weirdly makes you more confident in your own relationship.”

But “Breakfast Club” listener _melanee_93 had a different take. “Joint accounts are red flags idc how in love or how many years y’all been together NEVER have a joint account !!” _melanee_93 stressed.

While many had an opinion, what should the husband do?

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