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Reality TV Power Couple Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker Fork Over $18K to IRS to Clear Small Business Tax Liens

Reality TV couple Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker recently got hit with a tax lien by the IRS and had to fork over about $18,000 to the agency.

Seems they had failed to pay small business taxes they owned in 2020. The news of the liens comes just weeks after they were sued by the mother of a teen who was injured after gunfire rang out inside one of the power couple’s businesses, the Old Lady Gang restaurant in the Atlanta suburb of East Point.

ATLANTA, GA – OCTOBER 26: Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker attend Le’Archive Retrospective By Marlo Hampton at the Biltmore Hotel on October 26, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)

The IRS Wanted Its Money

The companies that operate together were hit with two liens from the IRS, Radar reports. Burruss purportedly has a net worth of $30 million, with Tucker’s at $1 million. They appear on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Until recently, they also appeared on “Kandi And The Gang,” also on Bravo. “Kandi And The Gang” has been canceled, which Burruss addressed recently.

“Honestly, I’m not ready to give any statement. I really haven’t put my thoughts into words. I have not written a statement. All I can say is that I really love our show Kandi & The Gang [and] everyone in it. I feel like it deserves a second season,” the former Xscape singer said.

The husband and wife run multiple restaurants in Atlanta, including two Old Lady Gang locations and one eatery called Blaze.

The first lien was for $2,520 owed in taxes for 2020, and the second lien, also for 2020, was $15,812.52, totaling a debt of $18,332.52, Radar reported.

The taxes are related to their small business operations.

The report of the liens is another in a string of unfavorable headlines in connection with some of their businesses.

Restaurant Trouble

On May 19, the Blaze restaurant failed to pass a health inspection due to across-contamination issue.

“Food handler touched raw oysters and raw salmon and then proceeded to handle ready-to-eat leafy greens with the same gloves on improperly. Moving from raw food to ready-to-eat foods is a source of cross-contamination,” the food inspection report read, according to Radar.

The restaurant got shut down but quickly reopened days later with a passing follow-up inspection. 

In February, there was a shooting at the East Point Old Lady Gang restaurant. The shooter shot another male, believed to be his target, as well as two innocent bystanders — one of whom was a teenager, Fox5 reported.

A patron named Kiya Humphries is now suing the couple on behalf of herself and her daughter Tammy Johnson. She is also suing the owners of the shopping center where the spot is located and the security team hired by the center.

“While waiting to be seated at Old Lady Gang, a man wearing a red track suit entered Old Lady Gang and was near the front of the restaurant,” the suit read, Radar reported. “Shortly afterward, a second man entered Old Lady Gang.”

The suit added, “The man wearing the red tracksuit began shooting. Kiya Humphries was shot in the right calf.”

Burruss issued a statement following the shooting that read in part: “My family and I are truly saddened by the unfortunate events that occurred at Old Lady Gang (OLG) Camp Creek, on the evening of February 14th, an evening that was meant to celebrate love, unfortunately, turned into something quite different. Our prayers and thoughts go out to the individuals that were harmed or in any way negatively impacted.”

It continued, “As African-American business owners, it has been our goal to invest in our community by bringing jobs, quality dining, and a positive experience to the greater Atlanta area; we hope that you know and understand that the acts of violence that occurred yesterday evening do not, in any way, serve as a reflection of OLG or its values.”

There was also a shooting at their Blaze restaurant in September when one employee shot Kandi’s cousin Melvin Jones in the arm. Jones is the Blaze chef.

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