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Lizzo Says Owning a Home Is “a Milestone for Me” After Once Living in Her Car Before Making It Big

In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning,” that aired Christmas Day, Lizzo reflects on being a homeowner.

Ten years ago, after dropping out of college she lived in her 1999 Subaru car. But even after making it big, she didn’t immediately jump into homeownership.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – DECEMBER 14: Lizzo poses during Reel To Reel: LOVE, LIZZO at The GRAMMY Museum on December 14, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Sarah Morris/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

Lizzo, who is now worth an estimated $12 million, recalled “staying in people’s rooms and sleeping on their couches.”

Then she bought her first home in 2019 in low-key Echo Park. Earlier this year, she upgraded to the coveted 90210 ZIP code and she said it was a “milestone.”

“And now, on this past tour, which I was blessed to, you know, stay in really nice places, but I was like, ‘I miss my house. Like, I can’t wait to come back to my own home and to my bed.’ And I was like, ‘This is the first time I’ve ever said this.’ So, I don’t know. It’s a milestone for me.”

Where Lizzo Calls Home

Lizzo lives in the Beverly Hills house once owned by fellow musician Harry Styles.

Lizzo bought a property for $15 million after being sold by Warner Records CEO Aaron Bay-Schuck. Called the Oak Pass, the property was redeveloped in 2019. The Oak Pass gets its nickname from its use of natural materials and contains an open-air atrium with a fig tree.

The body-positive star has come a long way in her career and residence. On her Instagram, she wrote the caption “new background unlocked” having relocated from her Echo Park mansion to the Oak Pass.

The house has a glass-walled breezeway and easy entry to a black soapstone floating fireplace that is bespoke wood-walled dressing room.

The property is said to be 5,300 square feet and has three bedrooms and four bathrooms, with one of the bathrooms having a spa-like atmosphere with a concrete soaking tub that separated from the bedroom with a marble slab wall.

Living inside of her car

Lizzo was born in Detroit, but grew up in Houston. At a young age she began to play the flute. In school she was in the marching band. During high school she became the principal flutist of the Houston Ballet. Her goal was to join a symphony after graduating college, but things did not go as planned. Her father got ill and her resources started to dry up. Lizzo eventually dropped out of college before her junior year, CNBC reported.

“When I gave up on flute and when I stopped talking to my friends, I feel like, that life just vanished,” Lizzo told “CBS Sunday Morning.”

Lizzo eventually found herself living out of her Subaru for six months.

“That was my home for a little,” Lizzo said. “I spent Thanksgiving in that car, and I remember I cried myself to sleep.”

Lizzo landed a gig for a lead vocalist for a band in 2008. When the band broke up in 2011 Lizzo relocated to Minneapolis, where she developed a friendship with Prince. He took her in as his protégée. They released a song together in 2014 called “Boy Trouble.” And that was the entry, Lizzo needed into entertainment. She built her career from there.

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