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Nick Cannon’s Brother Gabriel’s $100,000 ‘Claim to Fame’ Windfall And His Plans Now

Nick Cannon has a big family. This does not just include his 11 children, but the “Wild ‘n Out” creator also is the elder to his four younger brothers Gabriel, Reuben, Javen, and Caleb. 

One of his brothers has won the second season of “Claim to Fame,” an ABC reality show where relatives of celebrities live in a house and disguise who they are related to — all in the hopes of winning $100,000. Gabriel took home the top prize on Monday, Aug. 28.

The Terry Crews Strategy

Gabriel Cannon said he entered the house with a plan to win that somehow had fans thinking he was a sibling of an athlete and TV host. Many in the cast thought the 35-year-old was related to Terry Crews.

“Watching season 1, I knew if we played the category light-up game, my cover would be completely blown,” he said in an interview with Bossip. 

Adding, “So, I kinda started panicking when I realized we were going to be playing that game and almost forgot my ‘phase 2 exposure plan,’ which was to direct people into thinking I was related to Terry Crews because he played football and also hosted the same TV show as my relative.”

What Did Nick Think?

While Nick Cannon, whose estimated net worth is $45 million, seems to be very public, but many details of his family are private, and at first his brother appearing on a reality show didn’t seem appealing.

“Nick was kind of skeptical about it. He wanted to know more and know what it was. I think he secretly went off and watched the first season, because his mood switched about it. … So he kind of gave it his co-sign. ‘It’s your time. Go get ’em,’” Gabriel said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

When he won, he said his brother was “genuinely proud” of him.

The Youth Empowerment Center and The Nick Cannon Theater

With the $100,000 that Gabriel won, he has big plans.

For the past seven years, the nepo brother has dedicated himself to youth advocacy within the community, working closely with young visionaries.

Recognizing the potential in the youth of tomorrow, he is currently developing a youth enrichment and empowerment campus. This innovative facility will offer a wide range of services, from anger management classes to allowing kids to design logos, print them on shirts, and start their own businesses.

He and his team will also provide instruction in acting, improv, and podcasting, and the campus will double as a summer camp.

One of the most interesting elements of the empowerment center is that each building on the campus will bear the sponsorship of different brands or entertainers, such as the “Nick Cannon Theater” or a shoe company sponsoring the sports areas.

“The youth create the content for the companies,” he said. “There’s so much I want to do but most importantly, I will use this money for seed money to grow the trees of tomorrow.”

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