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Wendy Williams’ Ex-Husband Kevin Hunter Reportedly Hit with $20K Judgment After Failing to Appear In Court

Since leaving his ex-wife Wendy Williams to start a new family with his mistress and their lovechild, Kevin Hunter has had the worst luck financially. His luck has not improved as a Florida judge has reportedly ruled in favor of his bank and ordered him to pay a five-figure judgment.

Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter before the divorce (Photo: Bravo TV)

The former producer, who was at the helm of Williams’ over $20 million empire, was fired from his position at The Wendy Williams Show and has struggled to make ends meet. After their public divorce in 2019, he received $250,000 monthly alimony checks that helped him pay his bills.

Money Dried Up

In 2022, the banks that control the former talk show host’s accounts halted those payments, and without a renewal of his alimony based on certain terms of his divorce, Hunter claims he is in dire straits.

According to RadarOnline, UBS Bank USA filed a lawsuit against the financially distressed Hunter, alleging that he breached an agreement by neglecting payments on his credit card, accruing to a total of $20,176.83. The bank asserted that Hunter was issued a Visa Signature card in 2014, but he ceased making timely payments. As of March 28, 2023, the outstanding amount remained unpaid.

“Defendant has failed to make the minimum monthly payments by the payment due date, as required by the Cardmember Agreement,” the suit read, RadarOnline reported. It also noted Hunter was contacted twice this year (in January and March) regarding his debt.

“Despite UBS Bank’s demand, [Hunter] has failed and refuses to pay the outstanding Account Balance,” the claim continued.

The bank pursued a default judgment for the entire sum against Hunter.

As reported by Radar Online, a Florida judge approved the motion for a default judgment, allowing for the addition of interest the longer the payment is delayed. Despite being subpoenaed, Hunter failed to appear in court to present his defense.

Radar Online failed to report when the judgement was made.

To survive and meet some of his financial obligations, Hunter sold his 3,425-square-foot home in Parkland, Florida. The sale yielded a $1.25 million payout.

It remains uncertain whether he intends to allocate any of those funds toward settling his debt with UBS Bank USA.

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