Judge Sees Through The Game: Judge Reverses Rapper’s Home Transfer to Manager, Allows Accuser to Put Lien on Property for $7.1M Judgment

A California judge has sided with Priscilla Rainey in her ongoing legal dispute against rapper The Game. The court has ruled that she can force him to sell his almost $3 million home he lives in, even though he signed over the rights of the property to his manager, Wack 100.

The Game
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She and her legal team, according to court documents, successfully proved that the former G-Unit artist created a shell company to place assets in to intentionally circumvent paying her the $7,130,100.00  judgment she was awarded after suing him for sexual assault over an incident from 2015.

At the core of the original lawsuit, Rainey claimed that The Game, whose real name is Jayceon Taylor, violated her while intoxicated during the filming of his dating-style reality show on VH1, “She’s Got Game.”

 “In May 2015, while the show was filming in the Chicago area, Taylor took Rainey on an off-camera date to Adrianna’s Sportsbar in Markham, Illinois,” one court document stated. “Taylor sexually battered Rainey that night, including by reaching his hand inside her dress to rub her bare vagina and buttocks in front of a crowded room of onlookers.”

The lawsuit was filed in 2016, but The Game refused to work with the court to resolve matters. After not showing up for the trial, the court gave the eight-figure judgment for Rainey.

Despite winning her case, Rainey alleges she has not been paid in full, noting the rapper has only given her $500,000 from his music royalties to date.

On paper, he appears to not have any money coming in to fulfill his debt. However, in 2021, she filed a new lawsuit that claimed he has an estimated net worth of $37 million, and seems to explain where his money was going and the elaborate game of charades he and Wack 100 have played to hide his wealth.

Rainey said in court that the two created shell companies to manipulate funds and subvert the court’s directives.

She went on to claim that The Game subsequently transferred ownership of JTT Holdings, one of these companies along with his trademarks, to Wack 100 in 2017, following the court’s decision. Now, all proceeds intended for The Game are directly routed to the manager.

Wack 100 said in court that this unconventional business arrangement was set up because the rapper owed him money. Included in this transfer is also the home that the chart-topping artist lives in, as the owner on the deed is JTT Holdings.

In a Dec. 13 trial, attorneys for Rainey argued that the transfer was a maneuver that prohibited their client from seizing his property, valued at $2.8 million, to satisfy a portion of what The Game owes her.

They asked the judge to approve the sale of the home and set up and enforce an injunction against The Game and Wack from selling off any other property before she could be compensated. She also asked that the trademark be voided.

Wack 100 denied any wrongdoing, however, his artist, The Game was not present to testify or respond to the lawsuit.

The court agreed with Rainey and said that JTT Holdings should be “declared alter egos of each other and liable for Rainey’s judgment against [The Game],” according to RadarOnline.

The most devastating blow to The Game and Wack’s operation is that the judge ordered the home in question be “set aside and rendered void to the extent necessary to satisfy the Underlying Judgment against [The Game]. Following entry of this Judgment, legal title shall be deemed to be held by JTT Holdings.” 

As a result, Rainey will be able to file a lien against the mansion or sell it. The artist will either pay the lien off, re-purchase the home, or have to move.

Another victory Rainey and her legal team won was having the manager’s ownership agreement of JTT Holdings placed on hold and “rendered void to the extent necessary to satisfy the Underlying Judgment against [The Game].”

“JTT Holdings … shall pay any money or property due to coming due to [The Game] directly to Rainey, until the unpaid balance of the Underlying Judgment is paid in full,” the order read.

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