Kanye West’s New Wife Inspired His New Trademark Filing

Kanye West continues to prove that he is a serial entrepreneur, using his enterprise to express some of his personal beliefs and values. His most recent effort is the filing of a trademark for the phrase, “I miss you when I wake up before you.”

LOS ANGELES, CA – OCTOBER 21: Kanye West is seen on October 21, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

The artist-turned-businessman shared a screenshot of his filing on his Instagram story, accessible through his @kanyewestaurant_ profile. Limited details are available about the filing, revealing only each one’s serial numbers and the date of the nine applications, which was January 11.

Fans might already be familiar with the quote, as Ye wrote those words in a caption on Instagram while celebrating his wife, Bianca Censori’s 29th birthday during the second week of the new year.

This is the third trademark that West has filed in the last year.

In the fall on 2023, he reportedly filed a trademark for the term “YEWS,” covering clothing, restaurants, and other categories in October 2023. Some individuals speculated that the word carried a derogatory connotation, resembling a denigratory version of the term Jews.

People immediately connected the trademark with his anti-Semitic comments which resulted in substantial financial losses, the erosion of millions of fans, and strained personal relationships. Some people said it is a portmanteau word, posting on Twitter, “Ye + news = Yews,” one person attempted to explain.

Yew is the common name applied to a number of trees in a genus of conifers occurring across the Northern Hemisphere.

Back in May 2023, he filed a trademark application for a new footwear brand, that he noted on the application would be “socks with leather soles.”

On May 4, Kanye West initiated the trademark process for “YZY SOCK SHOES,” strategically filing just a week before Adidas made a public announcement on May 11, 2023. In their statement, Adidas revealed plans to divest the remaining inventory of Yeezy shoes, with the proceeds predominantly allocated to charitable causes. The estimated value of the available Yeezy shoe stock surpasses $1 billion.

Under the banner of his company, Mascotte Holdings Inc., Kanye West envisions a novel shoe concept involving “socks” and “socks with leather soles.”

Beyond footwear, the trademark extends its coverage to various domains, encompassing clothing, headgear, games, toys, and sporting goods. The comprehensive nature of the application reflects Ye’s broader vision for the brand.

When the Yeezy brand’s CEO introduced his take on the sneaker sock on the brand’s website, he caused a massive buzz across social media. NBA All-Star Jaylen Brown was spotted donning these distinctive socks before a Boston Celtics game, further amplifying the intrigue surrounding this latest footwear creation.

Many believe that Brown’s sporting of the sock sneaker was a direct diss to Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant when he did not use his classic Nike Christmas shoe and opted to wear West’s creation. YZY posted the sneakers online for fans to see.

Similar to his recent trademark endeavors, Kanye has maintained a relatively low profile regarding his new ventures. Much like eager fans anticipating updates on his music releases, there appears to be a certain reticence on his part when it comes to discussing the timelines for bringing these new trademarks to the market.

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