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Comedian Kountry Wayne Told Shannon Sharpe He’s Earned $20 Million From Viral Social Media Skits. Let’s Look at the Numbers

Comedian Kountry Wayne’s social media skits are captivating audiences globally and generating him millions.

The Georgia native discovered his comedic prowess at an early age. His unique blend of humor was inspired by his Southern roots and everyday experiences resonated with diverse audiences. A natural jokester, Wayne’s foray into the comedy scene saw him performing at local clubs and events, garnering a modest following.

Kountry Wayne
Kountry Wayne (Photo via Instagram, @kountrywayne)

Wayne’s Social Media Ambush

As his career progressed, it became distinctly clear to Wayne that social media was the future of the entertainment industry. Shifting from live performances to an online platform became the pivotal move where he could monetize his talent.

“To blow up with the Black community and get that money — you can’t afford to cut off an audience,” he said, referring to how he utilized all social media platforms as a revenue stream.

He has 3.5 million followers on Instagram, the platform he seems to have the most impact. On YouTube he has 888K subscribers, while on TikTok he has 706,7000 followers.

Wayne’s career took a transformative turn when he embraced the power of social media. Leveraging platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, he began sharing bite-sized comedic sketches that struck a chord with viewers. His relatable content, often drawing from his own life experiences, quickly went viral, propelling him into the virtual limelight.

“I’ve made about 20 million in the last 3 years– that’s when I started monetizing. TI was the skit — I was telling jokes at first,” he told Shannon Sharpe on his show podcast, “Club Shay Shay,” in Janurary.

The entertaining clips may seem seamless but come with a hefty price tag. Wayne revealed that he spends roughly $350,000 a month.

“I dropped 300 skits a month — most of the money go the people,” he said of his team who edits, packages and posts his videos.

Wayne’s Rise

The comedian’s rise to stardom was not without its challenges. Wayne faced skepticism from traditional industry gatekeepers who doubted the legitimacy of a comedian emerging from the world of social media. However, his consistent output of quality content and the genuine connection he established with his audience silenced the naysayers.

“People were laughing at me when I first started doing them skits. When I figured out that niche I was on to it — that’s where everybody’s eyeballs were at,” Wayne said.

His short, relatable clips resonated with viewers, leading to an exponential growth in followers across social media. Wayne’s ability to connect with audiences on a personal level, addressing universal themes with a comedic twist, propelled him into the limelight. By strategically leveraging social media advertising to generate income and incorporating sponsored content into his posts and videos, he effectively turned his online presence into a lucrative avenue

When questioned by Sharpe about the possibility of transforming his skit storylines into a TV show, Wayne expressed that the deal had to be worth his time investment.

“It better have some money — I’m making movie star money already so they got to show me where the money at.”

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14 thoughts on “Comedian Kountry Wayne Told Shannon Sharpe He’s Earned $20 Million From Viral Social Media Skits. Let’s Look at the Numbers

  1. Lucy says:

    He’s not that funny to me and his speech could use a little cleaning up

  2. Brian Lowe says:

    I also enjoy the various comedy skits and the crew. Nice and clean. Thanks.

  3. Denise Oneal says:

    His skits are surreal and funny, love them and hope KW continues to be blessed with many more.

  4. Michelle Fortson says:

    I am a daily viewer of his skits!!

  5. Mironda White says:

    I love his skits and I’m a daily viewer!

  6. Gerrard says:

    I’m hooked on his Skits but if he needs a grandpa for a skit look me up kountry Wayne

  7. Joyce Miller says:

    I have been watching his since started he is funny but it’s annoying when always talking about God then turns around and act like the devil

  8. James Brice says:

    Very good , do something with ANT, he’s an Ass hole!!!!!!

  9. Love his skits. So real like a soap opera. Kee] killing g it. Looking forward to more.

  10. Shirley SJ Jenkins says:

    Love Kountry Wayne

  11. Shawn Melvin says:

    I don’t care for his stand up comedy acts, but his skits are really good and captivating.

  12. Catina Ford says:

    I love K Wayne and these skits. If he’s in my town I’m going to see him! I’m watching these skits everyday. I really enjoy them!

  13. Denise Pate says:

    Love Kountry Wayne No weapon formed against him shall prosper keep the skits coming I watch them daily💯 if you blessed you just blessed!!!

  14. Brenda Fulmore says:

    I enjoy KW, some of his expressions, and the skits. Keep’em coming!

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