Exposing Super Bowl Winners’ Cash Prizes: Chiefs Players Take Home an Extra Six Figures

Not only do players and staff from the winning team from the Super Bowl take home a championship ring, but the players also get a hefty cash prize.

Patrick Mahomes
Super Bowl winning quarterback Patrick Mahomes (Photo via Instagram, @patrickmahomes)

The Kansas City Chiefs bested the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 58 after going to just the second-ever overtime in a Super Bowl. The Chiefs, who won their second consecutive Super Bowl, maintain possession of the Lombardi Trophy. In all, the Chiefs have won four Super Bowls.

Under the latest terms of the collective bargaining agreement between the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) and the league, each member of the winning team in the Super Bowl will be awarded a substantial cash prize of $164,000. This is an increase of $7,000 compared to the previous season’s total.

The losing team is also financially rewarded. The 49ers got a bonus checks for participating in the game of $89,000 for each player.

Show Me the Money

Looking ahead to the 2025 Super Bowl, winners will receive an even greater reward, with each member of the victorious team set to take home a substantial prize of $171,000. The figures increase annually, reaching a peak of $228,000 in bonuses for winning the Super Bowl in 2031, as stated by the league.

Players also earn bonuses for each subsequent round of the playoffs they win, with an additional $73,000 awarded for emerging victorious in their respective conference championship games.

As the most-watched sporting event in the United States, the Super Bowl of course has more value than compensation. A Super Bowl win becomes part of a player’s legacy and prestige.

While the Chiefs celebrated their win with a parade in Kansas City, Missouri, on Feb. 14, a shooting broke out, leaving 1 dead and 22 wounded.

Before the tragic shooting the Chiefs’ quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, 28, who celebrated his third championship win, said, “Man, what a year. To battle through the adversity. To continue to go. To go for that championship. They all doubted us. I don’t want to hear any different. But you know who came through in the end? That’s the Kansas City Chiefs. I just want to thank everybody here, because, Chiefs Kingdom, y’all are the reason that we do what we do.”

The 28-year-old added, “I’m a regular quarterback, it is what it is,” he continued. “I gotta give a shoutout to that defense. Can I hear it for the defense? It’s crazy, a defense can win the Super Bowl and still be underrated, and that’s what those boys have been doing. Can I get a shoutout for Harrison Butker? Can I get a shoutout for Tommy Townsend? Can I get a shoutout for James Winchester?”

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