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‘Nice’: Elon Musk Comments on Jay-Z and Beyoncé Customizing Their New $80K White Interior Tesla Cybertruck With Matte Black Wrap

Elon Musk’s latest gadget the Tesla Cybertruck is a must-have for many of Hollywood’s elite. Recently, the No. 1 couple in hip-hop, Jay-Z and Beyoncé, purchased one and joined other celebrities like Jay Leno, Serena Williams, husband and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, and Pharrell Williams to have one of these exclusive vehicles.

Photo via Instagram, @beyonce

The electric truck is all the rage, traveling up to 340 miles on one full charge, and having the capacity to travel 136 miles with only 15 minutes of supercharging, according to the website. It is also fast. It can travel 0-60 miles in 2.6 seconds in beast mode. It also has a “steer-by-wire” and “rear steering,” which allows the owner to have the “handling of a sports car and a better turning radius than most sedans.” These features, and the fact that the vehicles won’t be on the market until 2025, are making celebrities itch to be one of the first to have one.

The public was tipped off on the purchase after Lenny Santiago, the vice president of Roc Nation posted the truck on his Instagram.

Photo via Instagram, @kodaklens

Along with a photo of the sleek matte black futuristic ride, the entertainment executive wrote, “Dark Knight feeling, die and be a hero,” quoting Kanye West’s song “So Appalled” from one of the former billionaire and former Roc-A-Fella artist’s most heralded albums, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.”

Fans poured into his comment section to compliment the truck but also bash the man who owns the brand (and PayPal, the X platform, and SpaceX).

“Truck Hard AF but can’t ride with Musk… that’s Blackwards,” one person said. Another added, “Gonna tell my kids this was the Batmobile.”

Many followed up Santiago’s clever caption by writing the next line on the song, “Or live long enough to see yourself become the villain!“

Lux Car Life

Luxury car aficionados say that the truck is actually a white interior Cybertruck, that has been wrapped in matte black. The original exterior of the vehicle is an exposed stainless steel, which probably is not in alignment with the rapper and his superstar wife’s lush tastes. More than 40 years ago the DeLorean, a gull-winged sports car produced by former General Motors executive John DeLorean, also was released with a stainless steel body.

When a prominent Tesla investor reposted Santiago’s picture, commenting on the customization, Musk replied saying, “Nice.”

The Carters are not the first to swag out the vehicle. According to Torque News, many celebrities who’ve purchased the truck have opted to get it wrapped. This is because the truck, in its original form, is designed for industrial use and prioritizes durability over aesthetics.

The Cybertruck stands as the most rugged vehicle on the road today, boasting an exoskeleton that’s bulletproof against shotgun rounds.

Additionally, it features a special glass in its windows. The windows are called “armored shatter-resistant” glass. This iteration of the glass supposedly has demonstrated its resilience against car vandals, being impervious to penetration. In 2019 an early demonstration of the truck windows’ shatter resistance was a spectacular failure, with two windows shattering when hit with a steel ball. In its final version, the Cybertruck’s glass is designed to withstand the impact of a baseball thrown at 70 mph and is rated for Class 4 hail.

While not as pricey as some of Hov’s luxury vehicles, the Cybertruck still costs a pretty penny. The All-Wheel Drive model with two electric motors starts at $79,990, while a single-motor/rear-wheel-drive version priced at $60,990 is expected to be available by 2025. Additionally, a higher-end model known as the Cybertruck Cyberbeast will soon hit the market at a price point of $99,990.

Furthermore, Tesla Cybertruck buyers may qualify for a federal tax credit of up to $7,500. However, there are certain conditions, including price caps, income requirements, and other stipulations, that must be met to avail of this credit.

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