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Financial Adviser Vetos NFL Player’s Cybertruck Purchase of $100K Over Market Price: A Lesson In Prudent Financial Management

San Francisco 49ers player Ji’Ayir Brown found himself in a familiar scenario for many individuals — eyeing a high-priced purchase that seemed too good to pass up. In Brown’s case, it was a Tesla Cybertruck, and his enthusiasm was met with a hefty price tag at a New Jersey used car lot. However, before making an impulsive decision, Brown demonstrated financial prudence by consulting his financial adviser.

Ji’Ayir Brown, cybertruck
Ji’Ayir Brown, Photo via Instagram @_tiig

Cybertruck A No-Go

In a viral TikTok video capturing the negotiation process, 24-year-old Brown and the New Jersey car lot owner, George Saliba, engaged in a discussion over the Cybertruck’s price. The dealership demanded a staggering $230,000 — $100,000-plus over asking price for the Tesla — prompting Brown to negotiate for a lower price, Road and Track reported.


Ji’Ayir Brown – San Francisco 49ers Safety comes to see our cybertruck! #cybertruck #49ers #nfl #football #tesla

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The NFL safety tried to haggle Saliba down to $200,000 and Saliba held firm at $210,000. This is still about a 130 percent markup.

According to Tesla’s website, the Cybertruck is currently selling between $60,000 to $100,000, depending on the model.

Still, people are buying them at much higher prices. According to CarScoops, one Cybertruck sold at auction for $244,000 in February.

“There’s no supply, there’s nothing out there,” Saliba later told MarketWatch. “People are keeping them and paying 100K, or flipping them … this is like the biggest delivery vehicle of our lifetimes. There’s nothing ever going to be bigger than this.”

However, it was Brown’s decision to pause the negotiations and seek advice from his financial adviser that ultimately prevented him from overpaying for the vehicle.

“It’s not in the cards right now,” Brown said during the back and forth, adding that his adviser is “the guy I trust most.”

Brown’s financial adviser advised him against the purchase, emphasizing that the exorbitant price was unjustifiable. Despite having the financial means to cover the cost, Brown recognized the importance of making informed decisions.

In 2023, Brown signed a four-year contract with the 49ers worth $5.3 million, receiving a signing bonus totaling nearly $1 million, according Spotrac. He has an average annual salary of $1,348,952.

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