Teyana Taylor Accuses Husband Iman Shumpert of $3.8M Financial Sabotage Amid Divorce Proceedings

Teyana Taylor is accusing her estranged husband, former Knicks forward and NBA champion Iman Shumpert, of diminishing their marital estate by $3.8 million since she says she “secretly” filed for divorce in January 2023.

Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert (photo via Instagram, @teyanaandiman)

What Taylor is Claiming

As the singer prepares to finalize her divorce, her Certified Divorce Financial Analyst discovered that Shumpert has been “sabotaging” their joint funds, according to documents obtained by Radar, but so far not verified by any other media outlet.

Taylor alleges that Shumpert took out loans and made withdrawals from joint accounts without her consent, violating court orders. The celebrity couple were married for about seven years before she filed for divorce.

“Based upon Petitioner’s information and belief, the marital estate was diminished by $3,797,944 in 2023 by the Respondent, all in violation of the AUTOMATIC DOMESTIC STANDING ORDER,” her petition read, as per Radar.

In Georgia, upon filing for divorce, the court automatically issues domestic standing orders that remain in effect for both spouses throughout the duration of the case. These orders are intended to safeguard both parties from actions such as one spouse dissipating marital assets while the divorce proceedings are underway.

Taylor also is accusing the NBA star of neglecting to fulfill tax obligations on their shared condominium in Miami, with the singer sayinig, “Those taxes were due on January 31, 2024.”

“The Respondent has always paid the real estate taxes on all of the properties owned by the parties until the Respondent made the unilateral decision to stop paying despite AUTOMATIC DOMESTIC STANDING ORDER,” she said.

She had filed for divorce in private in January 2023, but it was not until November 2023 that she confirmed to People magazine that the rumors were true.

Now, her latest filing demands he be held accountable for the alleged financial misconduct.

Taylor is seeking child support for their two daughters, Junie, 8, and Rue, 3, asserting that Shumpert has not provided financial support since departing their home last year. Shumpert disputes Taylor’s allegations.

When Taylor alleges that her husband has not contributed financially to their children’s needs since his departure, Shumpert, on separate occasions, reiterated on the record that he has upheld financial discipline throughout his career. Saving roughly 50 percent of his earnings, Shumpert has prioritized fiscal prudence since entering the NBA in 2011.

In a 2018 interview, he disclosed that regardless of contract size, half of his income has consistently been allocated to a separate account. Shumpert credits these savings for his financial stability, affording him flexibility in expenditure while directing focus towards future investments, CNBC reported.

Despite estimations pegging his net worth at $30 million, Shumpert underscores the significance of financial planning and discipline for sustained prosperity.

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