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What Happened to O.J. Simpson’s Real Estate Properties? New Owners Razed Homes and Readdressed to Distance from His Brand

When retired NFL player O.J. Simpson died, his net worth was reportedly $3 million and he no longer owned the lavish properties he once called home. 

At the time of his death, Simpson had been living in Las Vegas in a home owned by one of his friends. Simpson had called Las Vegas home since his release from prison in 2017. The five-bedroom house included a pool and a private golf course. Simpson was living off NFL and SAG pensions to an estimated $400,000 annually. That’s a far cry from the height of his career when Simpson’s net worth was valued at $10.8 million. 

O.J. Simpson, photo via Twitter/X @TheRealOJ32

Simpson spent his days golfing, spending time with family, taking photographs with passersby, and posting snarky tweets on X. 

He also did not own any property, all lost as a result of his arrest and subsequent murder charges of his ex-wife Nicole Brown, and her friend, Ron Goldman. Several properties linked to Simpson and Brown have been sold, rebuilt, and even readdressed to disassociate with the Simpson name. 

360 N. Rockingham Drive 

In 1977, Simpson purchased a 6,000-square-foot home in Brentwood, California. He had many memories in the home, including his wedding to Brown in 1985. But in 1994, the home became the infamous location that Simpson fled to at the end of his well-televised car chase. Following his acquittal in 1995, Simpson returned to the five-bedroom abode. He sold it two years later for $2.6 million after losing a civil trial to the Goldman family. 

An investor purchased it for $3.95 million and proceeded to raze the mansion and change its address to disassociate with the Simpson name. Today, the home’s address is 380 N. Rockingham Drive. On the property is a seven-bedroom home sold for $13.6 million in 2005. 

Headed to the Sunshine State

With a $33 million civil judgment on his back, Simpson headed to Florida. The move to Florida also helped him protect his NFL pension from being depleted through judgment enforcement. 

Simpson purchased a four-bedroom home in Miami for $575,000. Twelve years later, Simpson’s house was foreclosed on after he was convicted of armed robbery in Nevada. 

In 2014, a local investor purchased the property for $513,000. Like Simpson’s home in Brentwood, the residence was razed. Nothing has been built on the 1.65-acre lot but it is currently valued at $2.4 million, according to Realtor. 

Ex-Wife’s Abode: New Address and Facade 

Just five months before her murder, Brown purchased a four-bedroom condominium in Brentwood to the tune of $625,000. Brown lived in the residence with her two children, Sydney and Justin. The home was placed on the market in February 1995 for $795,000. Two years later, it sold for $520,000. The new owner not only changed the home’s exterior but also the address, to 879 S. Bundy Drive. In 2006, the residence hit the market again and was sold for $1.72 million.

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