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O.J. Simpson’s Last Will Revealed: See What Assets Were Placed In Trust

The late O.J. Simpson made a strategic move just three months before his recent passing, placing all his assets into a trust overseen by his longtime attorney, Malcolm LaVergne. Simpson, known for his football career and later infamous for his involvement in a high-profile double murder trial, succumbed to prostate cancer at age 76. The revelation of his will, filed in a Nevada court, sheds light on the disposition of his estate.


Inside O.J.’s Will

The document, titled “Last Will and Testament of Orenthal Simpson,” was officially submitted through Cassady Law Offices, P.C. This seven-page testament details Simpson’s decision to entrust his entire estate to a trust established as recently as late January of this year.

News outlet 3NewsNow, has the documents for view here.

The trust, now under the stewardship of LaVergne, names him as the executor of Simpson’s estate. LaVergne, Simpson’s attorney since 2009, expressed surprise at this designation.

“I am flummoxed as to why he would name me as the personal representative or the executor,” LaVergne said in a statement, “but he did, and it’s something I’m going to take very seriously.”

LaVergne, in a recent statement, emphasized that he was uncertain about the precise value of Simpson’s estate at the time of his passing. Simpson’s financial situation, notably, remains opaque in terms of assets and liabilities, The Daily Mail reported.

In a statement, LaVergne said he could not “make a predication” regarding the current “value of the estate.”

Simpson’s eldest son, Justin Simpson, serves as the second executor of the will and estate, stepping into the role if LaVergne is unable or unwilling to fulfill his duties.

The timing of these estate arrangements aligns with Simpson’s battle with prostate cancer, a condition he publicly disclosed via social media in May 2023.

Despite these developments, significant questions linger about Simpson’s financial obligations, particularly regarding a substantial outstanding debt related to a civil judgment from the 1990s. Notably, Simpson had not fully satisfied a $33.5 million jury award to the families of his former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman.

At first LaVergne vowed not to pay any money to the Goldman family, but has now said their claim will be considered, Radar reported.

As Simpson’s estate enters the probate process, creditors, including the IRS and civil claimants, will seek resolution on outstanding debts. This legal maneuvering will likely unveil more about the financial legacy of a figure whose life was marked by controversy and legal battles.

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    They need to pay his debt first. The Goldmans need to get their money that was awarded to them.

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