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Whoopi Goldberg Believes In Putting on Heirs, Says She’ll Leave All of Her $60M Fortune to Daughter as Jeff Goldblum Sparks Celebrity Inheritance Debate

During a recent episode of “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg opened up about her inheritance plans, asserting her intention to leave “everything” to her daughter, Alexandrea Martin, upon her passing. This decision, she explained, stems from her belief that children learn by example, citing her mother’s hard work as a driving factor.

Photo via Instagram, @whoopigoldberg

“One of the great answers is children learn by what they see,” the 68-year-old said on the May 2 episode. “My mother worked her behind off, and so that’s why I feel the way I feel and I’m leaving my kid everything that I have.”

Goldberg’s daughter, Alexandrea Martin, 50, was with her first husband, Alvin Martin.

It’s My Money…

Goldberg’s announcement came amidst a broader discussion about celebrity inheritance, sparked by Jeff Goldblum’s recent comments regarding his $40 million fortune and his desire for his children to forge their own paths. While some celebrities, like Guy Fieri, advocate for their children proving themselves before inheriting wealth, Goldberg remains steadfast in her decision to provide for her daughter.

Shaq has conditions attached to his inheritance. His kids must work and get an education if they expect to be beneficiaries in his will.

Multi-billionaire Bill Gates revealed hat only a fraction of his immense wealth will be inherited by his children. With a net worth of $130 billion, the Microsoft tycoon intends to allocate a mere $10 million to each of his three kids.

Jeff Goldblum, 71, shares kids Charlie, 8, and River, 6, with wife Emilie Livingston.

“It’s an important thing to teach kids. I’m not going to do it for you. And you’re not going to want me to do it for you,” the actor said on iHeart’s “Table for Two with Bruce Bozzi” podcast. “You’ve got to figure out how to find out what’s wanted and needed and where that intersects with your love and passion and what you can do. And even if it doesn’t, you might have to do that anyway.”

Generational Wealth Building

The conversation on “The View” also delved into the complexities of generational wealth and systemic disparities. Sunny Hostin highlighted the importance of providing advantages to future generations, particularly in communities that have historically faced barriers to wealth accumulation.

Hostin said, “I agree with that and I’ll also say, I look at it through the lens of generational wealth. I think in this country there’s such a huge gap between white families and Black families.

“And if you’re talking about generational wealth, it’s not just about leaving your kids money, it’s about making sure they get a great education, it’s about making sure that they get those college exam preps, it’s about passing down property so that they have a place to live,” Hostin added.

Another co-host, Sara Haines, emphasized the value of instilling a strong work ethic in children, suggesting that entitlement may hinder their long-term success.

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