Did Kim Kardashian Once Take a Private Jet to Paris for Cheesecake?

Entrepreneur and reality TV star Kim Kardashian is under fire after a resurfaced interview appeared to show she once took a private jet to Paris solely to indulge in a slice of cheesecake from a specific restaurant, RadarOnline.com reports.

Photo via Instagram, @kimkardashian

In a recent Variety interview earlier this month with Chloë Sevigny for the “Actors on Actors” series, Kardashian revisted the cheesecake blowback that stemmed from a Vogue interview nearly a decade ago.

Let Them Eat, Cheesecake

“I don’t like cheesecake and the cheesecake at Hotel Costes … it’s heaven,” Kardashian told Vogue in 2015, explaining the lengths she went to satisfy a pregnancy craving while expecting her second child, Saint, with ex-husband Kanye West.

“I flew in, maybe a couple months ago, just to have a last hurrah of all the food that I’m not going to be able to have for a while. And I get there, and they tell me they didn’t have it,” she recalled, as per Radar.com.

But the staff at the hotel were able to accommodate her request and provide the delectable dessert.

“They got it and it really made my day.”

Social media clapped back at the time. “Kim Kardashian is one person. She’s a spoiled pseudo-celebrity,” one person wrote on X. “Just Kardashian things,” someone else added.

Some of the criticisms directed at Kim Kardashian may be exaggerated, as they overlook the context of her trip. While the cheesecake was a highlight, Kardashian’s visit to Paris included other activities and engagements, according Snopes. She frequently travels to the city for business meetings, fashion events, and personal leisure.

This incident is not the first time Kardashian has been criticized for her extravagant lifestyle.

In the recent Variety interview, Kardashian also reflected on watching the movie “Troop Beverly Hills” with her mom, Kris Jenner. “And we were like, ‘Oh, we can never drive down in a Rolls-Royce in Beverly Hills these days. All the shopping bags out? You’d get robbed,'” Kardashian said.

“Vapid to the core,” one person comment on the Variety article. “Rich Girl Problems,” someone else wrote.

Kardashian has frequently flaunted her $150 million private jet on social media and in episodes of “The Kardashians.” According to research by the sustainability-driven marketing company Yard, her plane “emitted 4268.5 tons of carbon emissions over 57 flights” in 2022.

Private Plane Celeb Controversy

Kardashian isn’t the only celeb called out for using private planes. In February, after getting backlash over carbon footprints, Taylor Swift reportedly sold one of her private jets, a Dassault Falcon 900LX, for $40 million after negative headlines over her private plane usage, according to the Daily Mail.

The 34-year-old singer-songwriter faced criticism for her frequent use of private air travel, particularly as she travels worldwide for tour shows and appearances in support of her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, at NFL games.

In 2022, Swift topped a list compiled by sustainability marketing agency Yard as one of the worst celebrity private jet CO2 emission offenders.

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