Ben Affleck’s Delivery of an Airstream RV Does Nothing to Cool Rumors of Marital Troubles with Jennifer Lopez

Actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been the center of divorce speculations for months, and recent events have only intensified the rumor mill.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – FEBRUARY 08: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez attend the Los Angeles special screening of “Marry Me” on February 08, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Rich Fury/WireImage)

RV Future

Most recently, a day after Father’s Day, on June 17, a large, silver Airstream RV was seen being pulled into Affleck’s Brentwood rental home, leading to widespread conjecture about the state of his marriage to Lopez.

According to the Airstream website, the Classic model starts at $191,500 and sleeps five.

The Backgrid YouTube page posted a video showing the RV being delivered to Affleck’s home.

The iconic silver trailer, towed by a pickup truck, was dropped off near the gate of Affleck’s property. The RV appears perfect for a family vacation, being spacious enough to accommodate his three children with ex-wife Jennifer Garner — Violet, 18; Finn, 15; and Samuel, 12 — as well as Lopez’s twins, Max and Emme, 16.

However, a day after the delivery Lopez was seen vacationing in Italy without Affleck, TMZ reported.

The delivery of the RV coincided with Father’s Day celebrations. Affleck was seen arriving at Garner’s private community to spend time with his children. Despite these family moments, the public remains focused on his relationship with Lopez.

According to the Daily Mail, the RV’s delivery to Affleck’s Brentwood home led fans to believe he might be planning a long trip to distance himself from Lopez. The sighting lent further credence to reports that suggest that the couple is separated as they attempt to sell their marital home for $65 million.

The couple has listed their Beverly Hills mansion on the market for more than the nearly $61 million they paid for it.

“Ben never liked the house. It’s too far away from his kids,” the magazine says a source close to Lopez revealed to People.

Social Media and various websites weighed in on the purchase, mostly implying that Affleck knew his wife would never step away from her high falutin’ vacation plans to kick it with him in the what she would consider a cramped vehicle.

“Oh you know JLo ain’t getting her high maintenance [expletive] in that. Smart move Ben lol,” one person wrote on Lipstick Alley.

Another quipped in agreement, “Yeah, no way in [expletive] J-Lo is setting foot in an Airstream. They are obviously very nice but she is WAY too high maintenance for anything less than a deluxe suped up tour bus.”

“That’s why he bought it,” a third person said. “To keep her away. He might be planning to move into it for a while in the hope that will stop her stalking him.”

Neither Affleck nor Lopez has confirmed any plans to divorce. However, the couple was living separately and some suspect that an announcement is coming soon. Reports believie the A-listers will share the news with their fans and the larger public before Independence Day.

Until then both Batman and Jenny from the Block are preparing for the summer season on their own terms.  

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