Usher Flashes a $19K Vintage Piaget Polo Watch While Receiving Lifetime Achievement Honors at 2024 BET Awards

At the 2024 BET Awards on June 30, Usher not only received the Lifetime Achievement Award and Best R&B/Hip-Hop Artist but also dazzled with his choice of a vintage accessory: a Piaget Polo watch. This watch, a reflection of his enduring elegance, shone as brightly as he did that night.

BET Awards screenshot, YouTube

Originally released in 1979, the Piaget Polo watch is a high-end accessory that marries watchmaking and jewelry. Usher’s particular model, revealed at a Palm Beach World Cup polo tournament, is a striking piece featuring an 18k yellow gold case and bracelet. Its diamond-covered dial sparkles, while the unique basket weave design of the bracelet adds a touch of timeless sophistication. Despite its compact 24mm size, the watch’s quartz movement and luxurious details stand out as a testament to classic style and craftsmanship.

The Watch

Robb Report highlights the watch’s history, noting that Usher’s choice is not just a fashion statement but a nod to the exclusivity and rarity of the Piaget Polo. Produced between 1979 and 1990, only about 4,000 to 6,000 of these watches were made. This rarity enhances their appeal among collectors and connoisseurs alike.

Usher’s vintage Piaget Polo, reportedly purchased for $18,990 according to Analog: Shift, contrasts with the recently reissued Piaget Polo 79, priced at $73,000. This new model retains the signature ’70s aesthetic but comes with a larger 38mm case, water resistance of 50 meters, and modern automatic movement powered by the Piaget caliber 1200P1. The Polo 79 features a 38mm x 7.35mm yellow gold case and operates with a microrotor movement measuring 2.35mm thick, beating at 21,600 beats per hour with a 44-hour power reserve.

While the original Piaget Polo models were primarily powered by quartz movements, the Polo 79 is automatic. As noted by The Times, the reintroduced model has a round dial, unlike the original Polo which came in both round and square options. The Times also points out that while not a limited edition, the Polo 79 will be limited in production, enhancing its exclusivity.

The resurgence of the Piaget Polo 79 is part of a broader trend in the watch industry, with other iconic models like the Vacheron Constantin 222 and Bulgari Bulgari also making comebacks. As GQ reports, the growing interest in vintage watches speaks to a deep-seated appreciation for nostalgia, heritage, and distinctive design among luxury watch collectors.

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