‘It Don’t Have to Cost Me That Much…Child Support Comes with Baby Mama Support’: Kountry Wayne Claims ‘Baby Mama’ Expenses Boost His Payments to 200K a Month for 10 Kids

Social media personality and emerging comedian Kountry Wayne has a lot of kids and that equals a hefty amount of child support.

During a Sept. 28 appearance on “The Sherri Shepherd Show,” viewers were astonished to learn that Kountry Wayne pays $200,000 in child support for his 10 children, Distractify reported.

Kountry Wayne (Photo via Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/p/CtT3Xv0u5dG/?hl=en)

“They all stay close by, most of them, like five, 10 minutes away,” he said. “They got keys to my house; they walk in when they want to, the baby mamas.”

Support Breakdown

According to Decider, the comedian has confirmed that two of the five mothers receive a combined $30,000 each month in child support, with Wayne having only debuted one comedy special, and embarking on his stand-up career in 2015 after achieving going viral through his Facebook videos.

Wayne, whose full name is DeWayne Colley, believes that the exceptionally high child support payments stem from his lavish spending habits, which he thinks prompt the mothers of his children to seek more financial support.

“Yeah, my child support. Just my family costs me about $200 a month,” the comedian said, soon making it clear that 200 meant $200,000. “It don’t have to cost me that much. It’s just child support comes with baby mama support. Everybody come behind the children with their hands out.

“So I splurge on some things, like cars and all that. I’ve got a million dollars’ worth of cars, but ain’t nothing like that child support, where people with feet walk up on you.”

The interview provided humor to the hotly debated topic, with Shepherd asking Wayne, whose net worth is estimated to be around $6 million, if he knows the names of his 10 children, whom he shares with five women.

“Tony, Tamar, Aliyah, Christiana, Zaria, Keyomi, Honest, Melissa, uh, Taylor, Taylor; now somebody’s missing,” Kountry Wayne told Sherri. “I just missed somebody’s name, but baby, I love you, if you’re watching TV, every interview. Christiana.”

The name of his 10th child, Malia, came when he started listing birthdays for his children.

Just Who Is Kountry Wayne?

Wayne gained recognition in 2021 and was featured on Variety’s “10 Comics To Watch” list for his performances on MTV’s “Wild ‘N Out” and his leading role in the BET film “Holiday Heartbreak.” Since then, he has co-hosted BET+’s clip show “I Love Us” and starred in the movie “Strange Love.” He has been touring theaters, performing stand-up comedy, and recently released his debut book titled “Help Is On The Way.”

Additionally, Wayne has approximately 3.5 million followers on Instagram, and revealed in a recent Barstool Sports podcast that he earns an estimated $600,000 to $700,000 per month, as reported by Decider.

If his statement holds true, Wayne’s gross annual income, on the higher end, surpasses $8.4 million, significantly more than that of his “Wild ‘N Out” colleague and transitioned social media comedian DC Young Fly. DC Young Fly’s estimated net worth is $5 million.

Wayne’s chat with Shepherd coincides with his Netflix special, “Kountry Wayne: A Woman’s Prayer,” which was released on Sept. 19.

“It feels good. I finally feel, you know, as a comedian coming from the internet, that was the thing,” Wayne told Shepherd. “Internet comics do stand-up, like the greats Bernie Mac, Richard Pryor, and all those people. It was one of the milestones that I really wanted to show the world.”

On his official Instagram page, Wayne shared a screenshot of a headline from an article that declared his special as “the most-watched series in the United States” just one day after its release. In his caption, he signaled that his “price just went up!”

“So I’m glad it’s out there. I’m glad they’re loving it. That was one of the milestones. Now I feel like I’m one of the comedians,” Wayne said.

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