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Nipsey Hussle’s Estate Settled: Girlfriend Lauren London Receives $5.6 Million On Behalf of Son as Legacy Divided

The estate of the late rapper Nipsey Hussle has finally been settled. His girlfriend, Laura London, will receive $5.6 million from the estate. She shared a son with Hussle.

Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle (Photo: Instagram screenshot, @laurenlondon)

Blacc Sam, Hussle’s brother and the estate administrator, has completed his role of dividing the assets of Nipsey, whose murder on March 31, 2019, shocked the music industry. He left behind an estate worth a little more than $11 million without a will, People magazine reported.

Hussle’s Legacy

Under California law, the next of kin rules state that the children of Nipsey would inherit the estate equally, which the late rapper had two children – daughter Emani, 14, with ex Tanisha Foster, as well as son Kross, 7, with London.

With Blacc Sam stepping down as an owner, he essentially set up London to receive payments on Kross’ behalf. Foster, someone who has been at odds with the family, would be left out.

London’s Kross, now jointly owns a share Marathon Clothing with Emani. Since both are underage, London and Hussle’s mother, who has custody of Emani, will control the business on behalf of the kids.

In addition to Marathon Clothing, the children have equal access to his other assets: 2012 Chevy Suburban, worth $17,000; 100 percent membership interest within his All Money In, a music label the deceased rapper created under Atlantic Records/Warner Music Group, which is reportedly worth $2.4 million; 100 percent interest in Marathon Studios; 100 percent interest in The Marathon Touring worth $606,000; and his trademark portfolio with $913,000; among many other companies and investments, according to RadarOnline.

In the end, London will independently get to administer $5.6 million.

Mother versus Mother

Despite the equal treatment, the Hussle family seems to have a better relationship with London than Foster. According to RadarOnline, the estate has been awarded guardianship of Emani after a lengthy custody battle.

As Radar reported, Foster initially had sole custody of Emani, but Hussle’s family fought this and the late rapper’s mother and sister ultimately go custody of Emani.

Emani was given $113,000 for “health, education, and other matters,” and London will also receive an additional $113,000, since each child is to receive an equal share, People reported.

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