Songwriter Files Claim Against Estate of Nipsey Hussle Over Royalty Payout, Stalls $11 Million Inheritance Payout to Children

As executors of Nipsey Hussle’s estate are gearing up to pay out inheritance to the late rapper’s children, they have hit a snag as a creditor is demanding royalties owed, according to RadarOnline.

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Tasleema Yasin, a musician who collaborated with Nipsey Hussle on a song in 2016, has filed an objection to the late rapper’s final accounting report. Yasin claims that her settlement has not been fully paid. She is requesting that Nipsey Hussle’s children not be paid their inheritance until she is paid. 

Following Nipsey Hussle’s murder in 2019, his brother, Blacc Sam was appointed as administrator of his estate. In November 2023, Blacc Sam told the court that he had settled all financial issues and creditor claims associated with Nipsey Hussle’s estate. However, Yasin is arguing that she has only received $16,000 of the agreed settlement of $35,000. As a result, she is arguing that Blacc Sam has broken their agreement. 

“Regrettably, the opposing party has thus far delayed the fulfillment of their obligations under the contract, and consequently, they are in breach of its terms,” Yasin said in court documents obtained by RadarOnline. 

Now Yasin is demanding to negotiate a new agreement and damages associated with breaching the settlement, court documents reveal. 

A Look At The Case 

In 2016, Yasin wrote “Hussle & Motivation” with Nipsey Hussle. The song was released months after the rapper’s death and in 2019 she filed a creditor’s claim for royalties associated with the song. 

By 2022, Yasin and Blacc Sam reached an agreement and Yasin dismissed the creditor’s claim. Yet, by October 2023, Yasin had filed a claim accusing Blacc Sam of not fulfilling the requirements of their settlement. In Yasin’s new motion, she argued that she is entitled to a 10 percent share of the master sound recording. 

As a result, Yasin is requesting that the court review her claim and that the estate not be closed until the matter is resolved. 

 “If the Probate concludes without addressing the outstanding debt owed to me and safeguarding my ownership in the joint works/copyrights, the consequences could be severe and irreversible,” court documents revealed. “I want to clarify that my intention is not to burden the court or cause any distress to the involved family. MY sole aim is to pursue a fair and just resolution. I am wholeheartedly committed to fully engaging with the court’s procedures, attending all hearings, and providing any additional necessary information. Considering these facts, I earnestly request the court to consider my objection and expedite the proceedings for a swift resolution.”

The estate of Nipsey Hussle has not responded yet to Yasin’s claim. As part of the November filing, Blacc Sam claimed the estate was worth $11 million. The assets of Nipsey Hussle’s estate include a record label, clothing company and several other companies. Nipsey Hussle’s children, Emani and Kross are set to receive an estimated $5.6 million each and will be paid from the estate as income is generated. 

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