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Judge Dismisses Songwriter’s Attempt to Prolong Nipsey Hussle Estate Settlement Over Alleged Debt Dispute

A judge in the Los Angeles Superior Court dismissed a songwriter’s attempt to prolong the settlement of Nipsey Hussle’s estate, denying her request to contest an alleged debt owed by the late rapper. 

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Blacc Sam, Nipsey’s brother and estate administrator, had already handled financial matters, revealing the estate’s worth of $11 million, with substantial inheritances allocated to Nipsey’s children, Radar reported. 

About the Songwriter and Her Claims

The songwriter, Tasleema Yasin, had previously filed a claim over unpaid royalties but later agreed to a settlement. 

However, she claimed the settlement was breached, prompting her request to delay inheritance payments. Yasin asserted that Sam had not paid her the full amount owed as per their agreement, leading her to request a delay in the inheritance payments until the matter was resolved.

However, according to Hip Hop DX, on April 16, 2023, it was reported that Yasin was seeking payment for a song she co-wrote with the late rapper, titled “Hussle & Motivate,” asserting she is owed $5 million.

According to Justia, Yasin filed her Copyright Infringement case on Dec. 1, 2022, around three years after the rapper was killed. Yasin’s claim contended that she contributed a “prominent vocal phrase” to the “Victory Lap” song and played a role in its chorus and countermelody, according to Hot97.

Legal documents reportedly revealed an initial settlement offer of $100,000 alongside a 10 percent share of the masters’ royalties from the song and three other tracks. However, Yasin alleged that she did not receive the agreed-upon terms, prompting her to seek damages of at least $7.5 million. Subsequently, she proposed settling for $5 million.

The judge, Judge Stephen V. Wilson, ruled against Yasin, advising her to pursue the matter through other means, Radar reported. 

Meanwhile, Nipsey’s family and the mother of one of his children remain embroiled in a custody dispute, with Nipsey’s relatives appointed as co-guardians of the girl’s finances.

The Nipsey Hussle estate has settled his inheritance with his surviving family members. His girlfriend, Lauren London, will receive $5.6 million from the estate to be held in a trust for the son she shared with Hussle, Kross. The child now jointly owns a share of Marathon Clothing with Emani, Nipsey’s daughter. Since both children are underage, London and Nipsey’s mother, who has custody of Emani, will oversee the business on behalf of the kids.

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