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Controversy Reignites In Wendy Williams’ Legal Battle with Ex-Husband Kevin Hunter Over Severance Payments and Financial Transparency

Lifetime’s recent and controversial documentary, “Where is Wendy Williams?” has caused the former talk show queen’s legal battle with her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, to resurface.

Kevin Hunter (Photo via Celebrity Net Worth)

Hunter Wants to See Williams’ Accounts

Hunter seems to be still trying to get paid money he says he is due from his severance payments from when he was fired as the producer of her popular TV show, “The Wendy Williams Show,” according to Radar. As part of his efforts he is still seeking access to her financial records and bank statements to verify her public and repeated claim of having “no money.” His lawsuit against the show’s production company, Debmar-Mercury, was given the green light in September 2023, but no update has been made public since.

But Hunter has claimed he wants access to Williams’ account statements to understand how her money has been used. Hunter filed a grievance concerning the cessation of severance payments stipulated in his marital settlement agreement. He asserts that these payments abruptly ceased in February 2022 following Wells Fargo’s assumption of control over Williams’ bank accounts.

When Wells Fargo seized control of Williams’ accounts, Hunter raised ethical concerns, referencing a clause from their December 2022 mediation agreement that asserts that Williams’ legal team had committed to providing account statements and banking records, Radar reported.

The divorce filings revealed that Hunter followed up a few days later when his request didn’t materialize in 2022, sending an email to the mediator and all involved parties addressing the lack of transparency and bad faith in their mediation efforts.

It wasn’t until Feb. 8, 2023, that a letter from Williams’ counsel was received, stating that the Guardian only provided bank statements for November and December of 2022.

Kevin claimed that the belated offer to review two months of Wendy’s records came with additional stipulations that were not previously discussed. “The letter also stated that I could only review the documents in the mediator’s office,” he noted. “This wasn’t part of the agreement; the agreement was to access all records from the date of dissolution until the present.”

But he remains adamant, according to Radar, he has a right to see the paperwork.

The narrative surrounding her Wells Fargo accounts is that Wendy Williams’ ongoing health challenges led her bank to freeze her accounts and place her under guardianship.

The U.S. Sun reported that the mediator — a former New Jersey judge — reportedly informed Hunter and his team, “The reality is that there is no more money.”

In the four-part documentary, which premiered on Feb. 24, Williams candidly stated, albeit in her aphasia and frontotemporal dementia state, that she also has no money. 

“I have no money,” Williams said. “And let me tell you something, if it happens to me, it can happen to you.”

Hunter Money Accusations

Hunter recently accused Williams’ sister, Wanda, of conspiring with show producers to steal millions.

The Atlanta Black Star reported that Hunter was getting a total of $250,000 per month until February 2022. He reportedly fell behind on his car insurance and credit card payments, and he had to foreclose on his Florida mansion, according to EUR.

Other Legal Battles

Hunter remains embroiled in a legal dispute with Essentia Insurance Company over its alleged refusal to honor his claim for damages to his Ferrari, purportedly caused by waterlogging. In February, a Florida judge ruled that Hunter must surrender financial records, including his divorce papers, as part of the lawsuit against the insurance provider.

In 2022, Hunter filed a lawsuit against Essentia due to its refusal to compensate him for a policy he held on his 2018 Ferrari California T 2DR Retractable Hardtop.

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    This guy Kevin hunter is a d******** Wendy should have left him alone. He’s only looking out for money. He needs to be a man holding his balls in his hands and go get a job. He’s a disgustingive your bank. You’re trying to lean on a woman? That’s not capable of doing anything, Cindy mattered the court backwards and make him play her for all the trouble that he’s put her through. It’s supposed to be a married ma

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